ElpaNav is Awarded €100k for Revolutionary Indoor Navigation Technology



23 February 2016 – ElpaNav BV, was awarded the prestigious NanoNextNL Valorization Grant for its revolutionary indoor navigation technology. Its system uses Bluetooth® Low Energy to achieve low-cost, real-time localisation that is accurate to the centimetre – even in indoor environments.

As the field of robotics advances, accurate and cost-effective navigation systems are incredibly important for machines to autonomously operate in their environments. Currently, the only alternatives to ElpaNav’s technology are bulky magnetic tracks or laser systems.

Co-Founder and CEO Arash Noroozi said: “This valorization grant provides us with the resources necessary to take another step forward toward revolutionizing indoor localization. Our technology has far-reaching implications, from being used by robots on the factory floor to landing drones in precarious places.”

ElpaNav was one of the 7 companies to be awarded the NanoNextNL Valorization Programme, and received €100,000. For more information about the programme and other awardees, visit http://www.nanonextnl.nl/themes/valorisation-programme/.

About ElpaNav: ElpaNav is based in Delft, the Netherlands and is focused on solving issues related to indoor navigation. In particular, its team has developed revolutionary technology that allows mobile robots to carry out precise tasks, accurate to the centimetre level. For more information visit www.elpanav.com